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Education institutes of Kishoreganj Town (High School)

Dear visitor here we give some institutes list with address for you.  We hope it will help you.
High School

Name: Kishoreganj Gov’t Boys High School
Established in: 1 July 1988
Address: Kalibari road, Kishoreganj.

Name: S. V Government Girls High School
Established in: 1943
Address: Alormela, Kishoreganj.

Name: Ajimuddin High School
Established in: 1916
Address: Sholakhia, Kishoreganj.

Name: Arjat Atarjan High School
Established in: 1967
Address: Tarapasha, Kishoreganj.

Name: Kishoreganj Technical School and College
Established in: 1973
Address: Botrish, Kishoreganj.

Name: Hasmat uddin High School
Established in:
Address:Nogua, Kishoreganj.

Name: Zella Smorony Girls High School
Established: 1986
Address: Bottrish, Kishoreganj.

Name: Kishoreganj Zella Ideal School
Adress: Botrish, Kishoreganj


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