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Private Hospitals and clinics

There are non-governmental organizations, including the name and address of the organization.You can contact the following address for any health problem.
Medilab Health Centre 
Phone: 0941-61770, Mobile: 01715 191172
Address: Staion road, Kishoreganj.

Digilab Lab Kishoreganj
Phone: 0941-61977 Mobile: 01747 988061
Address: Halima Plaza, kalibarimore,Kishoreganj.

Firoza Nursing Home
Phone: 0941-55976, Mobile: 01711 681660
Address : Kharam Potti,Kishoreganj.

Niramoy Diagnostic Service
Phone: 0941-62069 Mobile: 01711 737191
Address: Staion road, Kishoreganj.

Citylab Health Care
Phone: 0941-51011 Mobile: 01946 773233
Address: Main road,Botrish,Kishoreganj.

Shikha Diagnostic Centre
Mobile: 01712 738075, 01915 923290
Address: Hospital road, Bottola,Kishoreganj.

Kishoreganj Clinic
Phone: 0941-62792, Mobile: 01711 425640
Address:Gaital, Kishoreganj.

Ishakha Nursing Home
Mobile: 01711 346367
Address: Gaital, Kishoreganj.

The Popular Diagnostic Centre
Phone: 01916 037010
Address: Eidgha road,puran thana,Kishoreganj.

Tanika General Hospital
Phone: 0941-61207
Address:Near eidghah,Sholakia,Kishoreganj.


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