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Dance, Drama, Music and Cinema

In Bangladeshi dance the sub continental classical forms occupy a dominating position. Folk- forms and themes along with tribal, folk and social dances are widely practiced. Sautala and Monipuri tribal dances are best known and popular in the country. In popularizing and establishing different forms of dance, dramas, various institutions and academies are playing laudable role.
The three district categories of Music in Bangladesh are classical, folk and modern. Classical music-both vocal and instrumental is an integral part of the tradition and culture of the people of the region. This art developed mostly during the Turkish rule in this Sub-Himalayan region. Folk music is suffused with mysticism and folk-lore and through ages was nurtured and development by the village poets and folk singers. In modern Bengali songs and music foreign traits have been blended with the traditional forms. The beauty of the Bangla songs has been accentuated by rich lyrics to which the famous poets have contributed profusely. The western music has had deep impact on contemporary music and orchestration. There are two kinds of theatre in Bangladesh. One is modern theatre and the other is Jatra or Folk theatre. Jatra is a form of open air rural opera which depicts mythological episodes, love-lore and acts of heroism and historical events and characters. This form of places is an old tradition and part of Bangladeshi heritage and hugely popular in rural areas. Modern plays took root mostly during the Britiish period. The modern theatre got a momentum after the independence of the country. In both forms of theatre there are over two hundred amateur groups all over Bangladesh who are involved in regular stage performances. Winter is the Jatra season but modern theatre groups are involved in regular stage performance.

In 1956, the first full length feature film was produced in Bangladesh. Before that country was dependent on imported films. Now Bangladesh has reached the stage where the film industry produces around 80 feature films in a year. Lately there has been a growth in documentaries and art films. 

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Architecture of Bangladesh

The style and pattern of country’s architecture has undergone changes at different stages of history due to influence of foreign patterns. The influence of Muslim Architecture on pre-Muslim indigenous style is vivid. The climate and attitude of ruling upper class also characterized the development of patterns and architectural designs in Bangladesh. In the Mughal era the predominant architectural patterns and designs were the central domes, arches and tall central entrances. The churches introduced the European style. Fusion of Mughal and European styles took root at the turn of the last century. The modern architecture which is common today started in the 1960s
We still have some Mosques like Chhota sona and Kusumba Mosques which were made in the pre Mughal period having terracotta art. In the Mughal era strong horizontal parapet was introduced. A lot of changes which were the typical Mughal style came with this particular age.
A view of the historic Curzon Hall Named after British viceory of the Subcontinent Lord Curzon Representing Victorian architectural From which now houses the science Faculty of Dhaka University.

Putia Rajbari, Rajshahi.
National museum
Bangladesh China friendship conference centre sherebangla nagar, Dhaka

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Bangladesh being a tropical country is rich in vegetation. The villages are located amidst groves of jack fruit, mango, banana, coconut, palm and various other useful trees. The country also produces good quality timber, bamboo and cane. Rubber plantation has also been started in the hilly areas. Useful medicinal herbs are found both in hills and plains in plenty. The forest area covers about 17% of total land mass and the government has take initiative to increase and preserve the country’s reserve forests. Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest of the world, stretches along the south-western seaboard of Bangladesh. The UNESCO has declared the Sundarbans as ‘World Heritage Site’.

 Seasonal fruits and flowers which are abundantly available in the country.

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Art and Bangladesh

Modern paintings in Bangladesh were pioneered by artist like Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin, Quamrul Hasan, Shafiuddin Ahmed, S.M. Sultan, Novera Ahmed and others. Painters, Sculptors and artist from Bangladesh are regularly participating in art shows around the globe. The flourishing of sculpture in bronze and other metal along with stone was witnessed in the Pala period and briefly was seen in the Sena period. Arabic calligraphy developed during the Sultanate period. Murshidabad miniature paintings and the Dhaka Gulzar calligraphy developed during the Mughal period.
Here we gave some paintings of Bangladeshi artists.

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Private Hospitals and clinics

There are non-governmental organizations, including the name and address of the organization.You can contact the following address for any health problem.
Medilab Health Centre 
Phone: 0941-61770, Mobile: 01715 191172
Address: Staion road, Kishoreganj.

Digilab Lab Kishoreganj
Phone: 0941-61977 Mobile: 01747 988061
Address: Halima Plaza, kalibarimore,Kishoreganj.

Firoza Nursing Home
Phone: 0941-55976, Mobile: 01711 681660
Address : Kharam Potti,Kishoreganj.

Niramoy Diagnostic Service
Phone: 0941-62069 Mobile: 01711 737191
Address: Staion road, Kishoreganj.

Citylab Health Care
Phone: 0941-51011 Mobile: 01946 773233
Address: Main road,Botrish,Kishoreganj.

Shikha Diagnostic Centre
Mobile: 01712 738075, 01915 923290
Address: Hospital road, Bottola,Kishoreganj.

Kishoreganj Clinic
Phone: 0941-62792, Mobile: 01711 425640
Address:Gaital, Kishoreganj.

Ishakha Nursing Home
Mobile: 01711 346367
Address: Gaital, Kishoreganj.

The Popular Diagnostic Centre
Phone: 01916 037010
Address: Eidgha road,puran thana,Kishoreganj.

Tanika General Hospital
Phone: 0941-61207
Address:Near eidghah,Sholakia,Kishoreganj.

Bazar places

Kishoreganj town has several Ancient market . The goal is for consumers to purchase things necessary to be crowded. The market is about to be discussed below :

Boro bazar
Kishoreganj is an ancient market Boro Bazar . Here, from 7am until 7pm various types of vegetables,various types of fish and sutki found. Pakundiya Kishoreganj district, including hossenpur of the various types of tarakari and vegetables from the market. The fish comes from the haor regions and cities around the bill. The market in beef, chicken meat and meat castrated. The market for rice, onion, pepper, potato, brinjal, including the whole of Vegetables. Sugar and molasses stores in the market. Two days a week at the market in the rice market.

Government Hospitals and clinics

There are governmental organizations, including the name and address of the organization.You can contact the following address for any health problem.

Adhunik Sadar Hospital Kishoreganj
Address: Gaital, Kishoreganj.
 Matree Shodon
Address: Gaital, Kishoreganj.

Diabetic Hospital, Kishoreganj
Address : Court road,Kishoreganj.

Train schedules-Kishoreganj

Kishoreganj Railway Staion
Tarapasha, Kishoreganj.

KIshoreganj to Dhaka

Inter-city Train
Agaorosindhur Provati
Time: 6:45am
Agaorosindhur Godhuli
Time: 12:45pm (without Wednesday)

Kishoreganj Express
Time : 3:40 PM 
Local train
Eshakha express
Time: 10:27am

Kishoreganj to Chittagong

Mail Train
Mymensing Express
Time: 9:25am
Kishoreganj to Bhairab
Local train
Time: 1:05pm     
Kishoreganj to Mymensing
Local train
Time: 8:25am & 5:22pm
Eshakha mail train
Time: 18:47pm
Kishoreganj to Bangabondhu shetu purbo
Mymensing Express

Bus schedules-Kishoreganj

Leaving the bus schedules from various destination Kishoreganj.

Bottrish Bus Stand 
Bottrish, Kishoreganj.

Buses name:

Eshakha Service (Local)
Kishoreganj to Dhaka (sydabad)
via Bhairob. (15 minutes consecutively)
Time: 6:30am- 7:00pm.

Eshakha Super Gate Lock.
Kishoreganj to Dhaka (sydabad)
via Bhairob. (15 minutes consecutively)
Time: 6:30am-6:30pm.

Kishoreganj Inter-district Bus Terminal

Buses name

Kishoreganj to Dhaka ( Mohakhali )
Ananna Service (15 minutes consecutively)
Time: 5:30am – 7:00pm
Ananna Super (15 minutes consecutively)
Time: 5:30am – 7:00pm
Jatayat (15 minutes consecutively)
Mobile: 01193 138024
Time: 5:30am – 6:30pm
BRTC Bus ( Ac / non-Ac )
Mobile: 01911 058076
Time: 9:00am- 4:00pm

Kishoreganj to Mymensing
Via Nandail-Isshoreganj
MK Super (15 minutes consecutively)
Time: 6:50am- 6:10pm

Kishoreganj to Tangail
Atithi (Two Buses)
Time: 6:45am & 7:20am
Booking your seat
Mobile: 01718 481192 ( kishoreganj counter )
            : 01919 019197 ( Tangail counter )

Esha Enterprise
Two Buses
Time: 1:20pm  & 2:20pm
Counter Mob: 01713 577304

Kishoreganj toChittagong
Time: 9:00pm

Education institutes of Kishoreganj Town (College)

Dear visitor here we give some institutes list with address for you.  We hope it will help you.

Name: Gurudoyal Government College
Established in: 20 September 1943
Address: Harua, Kishoreganj.

Name: Walinewaz Khan College
Established in: 1982
Address: Newtown, Kishoreganj.

Name: Kishoreganj gov’t Mohila College
Established in: 1969
Address: Alor mela, Kishoreganj.

Name: Pouro Mohila College Kishoreganj
Established in: 1999
Address: Botrish, Kishoreganj.

Private College and University

Name: Kishoreganj Model College
Established in: March 2004
Address: Kharampatti, kishoreganj.

Name: Kishoreganj Residential College
Established in: 2012
Address: Nogua, Kishoreganj.
Name: Ishakha International University
Established in: 2012
Address: Nilganj Road, Sholakia, Kishoreganj, Bangladesh

Medical College

Name: Syed Nazrul Islam Medical College and Hospital
Established in: 2011
Address: sadar hospital, kishoreganj (Temporary)

Name: Al-haj Abdul Kuddus Homeopathic Medical college and Hospital
Address: Monipurghat,Kishoreganj.

Local newspapers of kishoreganj

 Dear visitor there is many newspapers in Kishoreganj district
Here we give a list of some important Newspapers.
Serial No
Name of newspaper
Editor name
Doinik saatkahon
A.T.M Nijam
Doinik ajker sharadin
MD. Kamrul anam
Doinik Shatabdir kontho
Ahmed ullah
Doinik ajker desh
Kaji Shahin khan
saptahik Norsunda parer katha
Raihan bhuiyan ripon
Saptahik Alormela
MD. Khairul Islam chowdhury
Saptahik Grihakon
M.A Lotif
Saptahik hossainpur barta
Prodip kumar Sharkar
Troimashik Dak diye jai
Foysal Ahmed
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