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Bazar places

Kishoreganj town has several Ancient market . The goal is for consumers to purchase things necessary to be crowded. The market is about to be discussed below :

Boro bazar
Kishoreganj is an ancient market Boro Bazar . Here, from 7am until 7pm various types of vegetables,various types of fish and sutki found. Pakundiya Kishoreganj district, including hossenpur of the various types of tarakari and vegetables from the market. The fish comes from the haor regions and cities around the bill. The market in beef, chicken meat and meat castrated. The market for rice, onion, pepper, potato, brinjal, including the whole of Vegetables. Sugar and molasses stores in the market. Two days a week at the market in the rice market.

Government Hospitals and clinics

There are governmental organizations, including the name and address of the organization.You can contact the following address for any health problem.

Adhunik Sadar Hospital Kishoreganj
Address: Gaital, Kishoreganj.
 Matree Shodon
Address: Gaital, Kishoreganj.

Diabetic Hospital, Kishoreganj
Address : Court road,Kishoreganj.

Train schedules-Kishoreganj

Kishoreganj Railway Staion
Tarapasha, Kishoreganj.

KIshoreganj to Dhaka

Inter-city Train
Agaorosindhur Provati
Time: 6:45am
Agaorosindhur Godhuli
Time: 12:45pm (without Wednesday)

Kishoreganj Express
Time : 3:40 PM 
Local train
Eshakha express
Time: 10:27am

Kishoreganj to Chittagong

Mail Train
Mymensing Express
Time: 9:25am
Kishoreganj to Bhairab
Local train
Time: 1:05pm     
Kishoreganj to Mymensing
Local train
Time: 8:25am & 5:22pm
Eshakha mail train
Time: 18:47pm
Kishoreganj to Bangabondhu shetu purbo
Mymensing Express

Bus schedules-Kishoreganj

Leaving the bus schedules from various destination Kishoreganj.

Bottrish Bus Stand 
Bottrish, Kishoreganj.

Buses name:

Eshakha Service (Local)
Kishoreganj to Dhaka (sydabad)
via Bhairob. (15 minutes consecutively)
Time: 6:30am- 7:00pm.

Eshakha Super Gate Lock.
Kishoreganj to Dhaka (sydabad)
via Bhairob. (15 minutes consecutively)
Time: 6:30am-6:30pm.

Kishoreganj Inter-district Bus Terminal

Buses name

Kishoreganj to Dhaka ( Mohakhali )
Ananna Service (15 minutes consecutively)
Time: 5:30am – 7:00pm
Ananna Super (15 minutes consecutively)
Time: 5:30am – 7:00pm
Jatayat (15 minutes consecutively)
Mobile: 01193 138024
Time: 5:30am – 6:30pm
BRTC Bus ( Ac / non-Ac )
Mobile: 01911 058076
Time: 9:00am- 4:00pm

Kishoreganj to Mymensing
Via Nandail-Isshoreganj
MK Super (15 minutes consecutively)
Time: 6:50am- 6:10pm

Kishoreganj to Tangail
Atithi (Two Buses)
Time: 6:45am & 7:20am
Booking your seat
Mobile: 01718 481192 ( kishoreganj counter )
            : 01919 019197 ( Tangail counter )

Esha Enterprise
Two Buses
Time: 1:20pm  & 2:20pm
Counter Mob: 01713 577304

Kishoreganj toChittagong
Time: 9:00pm

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