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Art and Bangladesh

Modern paintings in Bangladesh were pioneered by artist like Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin, Quamrul Hasan, Shafiuddin Ahmed, S.M. Sultan, Novera Ahmed and others. Painters, Sculptors and artist from Bangladesh are regularly participating in art shows around the globe. The flourishing of sculpture in bronze and other metal along with stone was witnessed in the Pala period and briefly was seen in the Sena period. Arabic calligraphy developed during the Sultanate period. Murshidabad miniature paintings and the Dhaka Gulzar calligraphy developed during the Mughal period.
Here we gave some paintings of Bangladeshi artists.

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Private Hospitals and clinics

There are non-governmental organizations, including the name and address of the organization.You can contact the following address for any health problem.
Medilab Health Centre 
Phone: 0941-61770, Mobile: 01715 191172
Address: Staion road, Kishoreganj.

Digilab Lab Kishoreganj
Phone: 0941-61977 Mobile: 01747 988061
Address: Halima Plaza, kalibarimore,Kishoreganj.

Firoza Nursing Home
Phone: 0941-55976, Mobile: 01711 681660
Address : Kharam Potti,Kishoreganj.

Niramoy Diagnostic Service
Phone: 0941-62069 Mobile: 01711 737191
Address: Staion road, Kishoreganj.

Citylab Health Care
Phone: 0941-51011 Mobile: 01946 773233
Address: Main road,Botrish,Kishoreganj.

Shikha Diagnostic Centre
Mobile: 01712 738075, 01915 923290
Address: Hospital road, Bottola,Kishoreganj.

Kishoreganj Clinic
Phone: 0941-62792, Mobile: 01711 425640
Address:Gaital, Kishoreganj.

Ishakha Nursing Home
Mobile: 01711 346367
Address: Gaital, Kishoreganj.

The Popular Diagnostic Centre
Phone: 01916 037010
Address: Eidgha road,puran thana,Kishoreganj.

Tanika General Hospital
Phone: 0941-61207
Address:Near eidghah,Sholakia,Kishoreganj.
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