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In Bangladeshi dance the sub continental classical forms occupy a dominating position. Folk- forms and themes along with tribal, folk and social dances are widely practiced. Sautala and Monipuri tribal dances are best known and popular in the country. In popularizing and establishing different forms of dance, dramas, various institutions and academies are playing laudable role.
The three district categories of Music in Bangladesh are classical, folk and modern. Classical music-both vocal and instrumental is an integral part of the tradition and culture of the people of the region. This art developed mostly during the Turkish rule in this Sub-Himalayan region. Folk music is suffused with mysticism and folk-lore and through ages was nurtured and development by the village poets and folk singers. In modern Bengali songs and music foreign traits have been blended with the traditional forms. The beauty of the Bangla songs has been accentuated by rich lyrics to which the famous poets have contributed profusely. The western music has had deep impact on contemporary music and orchestration. There are two kinds of theatre in Bangladesh. One is modern theatre and the other is Jatra or Folk theatre. Jatra is a form of open air rural opera which depicts mythological episodes, love-lore and acts of heroism and historical events and characters. This form of places is an old tradition and part of Bangladeshi heritage and hugely popular in rural areas. Modern plays took root mostly during the Britiish period. The modern theatre got a momentum after the independence of the country. In both forms of theatre there are over two hundred amateur groups all over Bangladesh who are involved in regular stage performances. Winter is the Jatra season but modern theatre groups are involved in regular stage performance.

In 1956, the first full length feature film was produced in Bangladesh. Before that country was dependent on imported films. Now Bangladesh has reached the stage where the film industry produces around 80 feature films in a year. Lately there has been a growth in documentaries and art films. 

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